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Whether you need information on customer preferences, shopping surveys, or product marketing, focus groups provide the fastest response times compared to other research methods.

Once you have identified your target and know what information you need, a plan can be outlined and the securing and screening of candidate members of the group can begin.

Moderators have the most important role since they guide the group through discussions and write the summary findings.

Some companies make an audiovisual record of the focus group even though they attend the meeting and view from behind a one-way panel. In many cases this serves as a record of the proceedings but it can serve a greater purpose.

By editing the long video into a short presentation, marketing has a more compelling tool for corporate presentations, upper management can directly see and hear supporting comments in a fraction of the time, and the video can also be edited for employee training.

CHANNEL ONE has the expertise to produce these videos by reviewing the original tapes while working with the moderator and marketing liaison to ensure supportable statements exists for a consistent presentation.

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